Trying to figure out the perfect solution for your cooking problems? Worry no more! These simple and beneficial tips will give the ideal solution to all your kitchen/cooking troubles. Have a look at these hacks and tricks to make your everyday life simpler and stress free.

1. Keep those berries super fresh!

2.How easy and convenient?



3.This will surely help you add a great presentation to your food.

4. Cooking those rock hard channa was never so easy!

5. For all those who have trouble perfecting their Gobi Gosht and Gobi Sabzi!

6. Want to bake something at night or in an emergency and are out of eggs? No problem!

7.When life gives you lemon make lemonades! But now use them up fully with this trick.

8. Those onions will no longer cause you trouble, just add some milk and Ta-Da!

9.The quickest way of boiling your potatoes, you don’t have to wait any longer.

10. Add some up in your milk and desserts to amplify the taste!