Mothers are known to over-stress and overthink almost everything, and desi mothers take this to a whole new level. Desi mothers will sometimes get annoyed and irritated at some of the things that you do not even consider to be an issue really.

Below is a list of 10 things that annoy every desi mom:

1. It’s almost 12 pm and you’re still sleeping!

rise and shine!

“It’s okay mom, i do not have to run the country! Pakistan will be fine if i sleep a few extra hours after sunrise! “ But no, your mom just needs you to rise and shine early in the morning and if you do not, prepare yourself for the worlds best sarcastic compliments!

2. You leave your shoes upside down/ up-turned!

Something such as an upturned chappal is enough to turn your mothers mood around! Either you fix it ASAP or be prepared for a lecture on your whole life! Yes, this little thing can have a whole chappal flying over your head too! Desi moms believe the up-tured shoe might bring bad luck!? (Bad luck for sure if they bring beating along!)

3. You say hi instead of salam!

“Yeh kiya haye haye laga rakha hai!? Salam karo!” Well we’ve all been through this like a million times! Desi mothers have some serious issue with English greetings! Save yourself from the lecture, it’s best to be a good Muslim and simply stick to the ‘salam’ in such cases!

4. You shake your leg too much!
The shaking of your leg makes her head shake in disapproval! While some would say it looks inappropriate and is a bad habit, others would take it to a completely new level! The devil rides your shaking leg is what some would say!

5. You forget to give her a call after reaching a destination!

“How irresponsible! Ma ki tu koi fikar hi nahi hai!” Yep, because you could’ve gotten kidnapped on your way! and you dare say that it wasn’t your fault! Because it is your fault that you forgot to update!

6. You miss her call!
First you’re irresponsible that you forget to call, then you do not even receive the phone when she calls! Now you’re doomed to die and the only thing that can save you from a good emotional scolding is a bunch of kidnappers!

7. You break a glass!
“Go ahead, break the whole house! Why just stop at a small little glass!” You’re automatically labeled  clumsy and good for nothing because a glass slipped from your hands!

8. When you try to clear your point!
There is no such thing as trying to clear your point! Its called talking back! “Yeh din dekhney kay liyan tumhain itna bara kiya tha?”

9. Your room is a mess!
“And what will the guests say?” Nothing we suppose. “They’re going to sit in the lounge and not my bedroom mom!” 

10. You’re on your phone!
You have a fever, it’s because of your phone! You fail at an exam, Blame the phone! Any and every issue in your life can be linked to the phone! Mothers hate it and consider it the root of all evil from birth to death! There is nothing that annoys the desi mother more!