A judge is seen as a respected figure well-versed in law and therefore the right man (or woman) for delivering justice to the offender. Unfortunately a judge is only a human being and like everyone else is not safe from fits of lunacy and idiosyncrasy. Examples exist where sentences given by the court are more in line with the bizarre than the normal. Here are a few examples of these strange and unusual punishments handed out to law offenders.

Tweet an apology x466

Back in 2012, a critic was charged with calling two French politicians names and hurting their feelings. He was sentenced to a fine and was ordered to tweet an apology to them 466 times straight.

Sound Justice

A judge in the US state of Colorado,dissatisfied with the punishment meted out to those playing music too loud,  sentenced repeat offenders to listen to his own music collection for one hour straight and that too on high volume.

Bad Driver Ordered To Hold Embarrassing Sign

If you get stuck behind a school bus, do you:

a. wait a few minutes until all the kids have gotten off and the bus leaves.

b. drive the car madly on to the sidewalk and endanger people’s lives.

Frankly a driver though that option b. was better and as a result got her license suspended , given a fine and ordered to hold this sign in public,

Six-Year-Old Goes To Traffic School

A women was fined a ticket for not putting on her son’s seatbelts, in court she accused her son of being difficult and not obeying her instructions. He was ordered to receive driving safety classes at a traffic school. The six year old became the youngest person to graduate from a traffic school.

March With The Donkey


For defacing a    statue of baby Jesus with the number “666”, two teenagers were sentenced to 45 days in prison with alcohol and drug rehabilitation. However the judge wasn’t through with them just yet, he further ordered them to replace the statue and then march through the town alongside a donkey which had a sign that read, “Sorry for the jackass offense.”

Organize a Picnic

A bunch of high school vandalized a school bus and hence ruined the trip of younger students. In response, the offenders were ordered to organize a picnic for the students.

Six Years of Embarrassment

A couple in Houston was convicted of stealing $255,000 which ironically was to be used to help victims of crime. The couple requested leniency from the judge but instead were sentenced to the following;

  • Jail time
  • Community service
  • Pay back the money taken
  • Hold a sign reading, “I am a thief” for five hours every weekend for the next six years
  • Post a sign in front of their home that says, “The occupants of this residence, Daniel and Eloise Mireles, are convicted thieves.”

Talk about an overkill.

Sentenced To Wear Chicken Suits

Three men were charged of soliciting sex from an undercover police officer. Instead of the usual one month jail time, the judge decided to be more creative in handing down the punishment to the offenders. They were required to take turns walking in a bright yellow chicken suit  with the sign reading, “No Chicken Ranch in Painesville.”

Manage the traffic.


In India, 31 first time offenders charged with drinking and driving were ordered to manage the traffic on a busy and hot afternoon for five hours straight.