Plenty of times when you return from a dinner party, all you want is to slip in those comfortable pj’s, wipe off your makeup and wrap your hair in a lose bun. But what if one of these things can’t happen? For instance – you running out of a makeup remover? Probably you’ll just wash off your face, but let us tell you, washing face off isn’t a healthy way to remove your makeup as your skin needs moisture. Products like, mascara, eye shadow or eye liner can’t be entirely wiped off with just a face wash. What you need is a compete skin cleanser that is healthy indwell leave your skin to breath!

Here are four kitchen ingredients that might sound weird at first, but wea��ve tried, tested and been amazed!

1.Coconut Oil

natural coconut walnut oil

Trying to get that flawless skin doesn’t require much effort anymore. Including plenty A�magical features of coconut oil it’s also a fantastic make up remover. Though buying products from store might dry out your skin out, using coconut oil carefully leaves it supple and vibrant. All you need to do is, just pour a few drops on to a cotton pad and wipe your face lightly upwards. Coconut oil is especially effective for days with heavy eye makeup and thick mascara. Dona��t rub, just wipe lightly a�� you will love the results.



Have you heard about the very popular desi totka, that brides would just massage their faces with milk and ubtan to get that ‘glow?’ Milk baths were also a popular treatment for royal women thousands of years ago. The fat and proteins in milk, especially whole milk, can help to hydrate and allow for your skin to retain moisture. Using milk to remove your makeup is simpler and cheaper than buying most drug-store removers. Just add a tablespoon of almond oil into a bowl of whole milk, apply this on your face and you’ll see the magic!

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Why would you want to go ahead and spend all that money on expensive mak eup products when you can just open up your refrigerator and voila! Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties, so they will help to soothe irritated skin or acne-prone skin. Take one cucumber and blend it into a paste. Use it as a cleanser on your face. If you have tough makeup to remove, add a little bit of milk or olive oil to the mixture.A� You’ll feel your skin full of moisture and refreshed. We promise!

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Not just healthy for your body, it also does the trick for your skin. Using yogurt on your skin can help to moisturize it, and ita��s perfect for relieving sunburns. Take a clean cotton round and dip it into some plain yogurt, rub it all over your face in a circular motion, and then rinse off with cool water, preferably rose water.

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