We all love to eat food but we don’t want to the kitchen and make food.  For those of who great men and women who visit the kitchen and cook food every day so the rest of us can eat, here we present you with these clever kitchen hacks that are sure to make your cooking experience less  strenuous.

Label for your spice jars

With so many spices that look alike, it is important to label each jars so to easily recognize them. One simple way is to d cut the name right off the box. Use a piece of tape to stick it to the jar to form its label.

Safe way to light the gas hobs

If you’re having trouble lighting up your gas hobs then just take a length of spaghetti and light up one end off it. Use it to light up your gas hobs.

Make useful storage containers with old plastic bottles  

Breathe new life into those old plastic bottles that you have lying around. Simply cut two of them from the middle. Using a pair of scissors, cut a slit on the side of one of the bottles and slide it into other and voila! a neat container to store dry food items like pasta and rice.

Use a cloth hanger as a book holder

if you keep losing your recipe, page on the cook book or don’t want it to get it messy, simply hang a cloth hanger on the handle of your cupboards and use it to as book holder.

Prevent boiling spill using a wooden spoon.  

If you are boiling something on the pan, you can place a wooden spoon over it and it will prevent the content from spilling and making a mess.

Credit: DaveHax