From their honesty to their pleasant use of words, writers are some of the most interesting individuals to hang out with. In this article we present you with these compelling reasons why you should definitely consider dating a writer.

They will dazzle you with words


Writers have a thousand ways to express how much they care about you and even more ways to tell how they feel. Rarely is a writer short of words when describing a matter.  They have the amazing ability to covey a point in an understandable yet eloquent manner.

They are extremely down-to-earth


They know how counterproductive ambiguity is when it comes to writing so they tend to avoid it in their lives as well.  Writers will tell you exactly what they mean and avoid fluff; a relationship with them is honesty and trust guaranteed.

The most interesting people you meet


Writers always have the most interesting stories to tell and do so using words that are guaranteed to grab your attention. Writers are some of the wittiest people you will come across and will offer their unique yet sometimes humorous opinion on things. With a writer at your side, you can have an endless array of engaging conversation with topics that never seem to bore you.

They have the best company


Writers have the most fascinating circles, commonly comprised of other writers, activists, intellectuals, and artists. Mingling with these free-spirited individuals is sure to be fun and refreshing.

You don’t have to compromise too much


Every relation involves compromise but when you are in a relationship with a writer, you have to compromise less.  Many writers can write from anywhere so they don’t need much convincing when to come to traveling. Plus writers don’t have a busy social life, preferring solitude instead, which means more time for giving you attention.

Let us know if you are dating a writer anytime soon.