Marriage is a bond of love and compassion between two persons who choose to spend life together facing all the ups & downs and wearing smiles and frowns. I see many engaged couples being understanding of one another and dwelling in the pits of utter love, portraying love as the most beautiful feeling in the world. But, why do marriages fail then? We have often heard how adults advise love birds to think about the decision of marrying carefully. Here are 5 question you must ask your partner-to-be, in order to avoid latter conflicts.


  1. Whether to have children or not!

Whether to have children or not

It is one of the essential question that must  be discussed before the marriage. Mostly, couples are not ready when they get pregnant and then the connection starts to deteriorate. It is very important to know how many children do you both want and who will be the primary caretaker, if both of your are employed.

  1. Financial Obligations!


Financial Obligations

Before marriage, the expenses usually consists of buying gifts, hanging out, dates and at most, shopping. But after marriage, it is the whole household budget that needs to be evaluated which includes the bills, school fee, grocery shopping and many such things.


  1. Television in the Bedroom! 

couple watching tv in bedroom

This seems insignificant but later to avoid those late night deadly clashes, it is a plus point to have a discussion about it earlier. One of you might enjoy watching TV late at night while other might want to sleep peacefully.

  1. Nuclear or Joint Family!

Nuclear or Joint Family

Doesn’t it sound better to assess whether you two want to live with the family or alone. The privacy does matter so It is better to decide beforehand then end up fighting afterwards causing troubles.

  1. Liking each other’s friends!


Liking each other's friends!

As People have different nature, preferences and choices, they have different friends. It is very important for both of you to respect your significant other’s friends and to not degrade them. After marriage, the couples usually have parties and get-togethers with friends and family so it makes it extremely important to accept each other’s friends.