The small and nimble member of the rodent family, the mouse can be a real menace in the house. A mouse is not only an unwelcomed pest and may also be riddled with diseases dangerous to human health. Here are a few effective yet surprising ways you can get rid of a mouse.

Offer them cheese

Your food shall be your grave

It is a common misconception that cheese is great for mice. In reality, cheese can actually be fatal to them. The folic acid found in cheese is toxic to mice and can kill them if they eat too much of them.

Offer prayer

“Please get rid of these stupid mice”

It is easy to lose ourselves in the worldly affairs and forget about the one solution that can solve everything which is prayers.  If you are suffering from a mouse infestation, pray at least 5 times a day. The mice will observe what a pious person you are and leave your house alone.

Set an example

Nothing says “keep out” like an impaled head!

Try to locate the most respected member of the mouse community and kill him. Afterwards impale his head on a stick for other mice to see. It will serve as example for mice that they are not wanted at your home.

Negotiate a treaty

Make peace, not war!

The problem shouldn’t always have to end in unnecessary loss of innocent mouse lives. Open the table for negotiation with them and use your superior home-sapiens diplomacy to reach an outcome more favorable to you. This way there will be no need of bloodshed and you and the mice will have reached a compromise to co-exist in harmony.

If you can’t beat them…

…with ketchup!

If you have tried every possible means to get rid of them but still couldn’t beat them, just eat them! Yes mice can be a very nutritious source of food, being not only a good source of protein but also rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Studies have proven that eating just one mouse everyday helps prevent cancer and strengthens the heart and the immune system.

You will find many mouth watering mouse recipes on the internet; notable examples include chachundar tikka, chuha biryani and chuha chachundar mix, Yummy! At a time when meat prices are rising sky high, eating mice doesn’t seem like a bad idea plus they probably taste just like chicken,

Lastly we would like to tell you that the date is April 1 and this article is a joke. Thank you for stopping by, we hope you enjoyed reading our post.