Today, April 20, is the birthday of the famous Pakistan musician Ali Azmat.  To mark the occasion, we present you with 7 great facts about the great Pakistani Rock star which you are sure to enjoy reading.

Performing at the United Nations

In the year 2001, he became the first ever musician to perform in the halls of The United Nations General Assembly where he played` his song Dosti (Friendship) alongside an Indian Band. The title was chosen with the aim of promoting the UN’s mission in bringing peace to the world.

His Family


He is married to the television producer Fariha Khan Chapra and has two daughters named Ella and Mia.

University Dropout

Ali Azmat went to Australia for his higher education   but due to financial constraints, had to soon return to Pakistan, leaving his university degree unfinished.

His first Band

After returning to Pakistan, he formed the band “Jupiters”. Even though the band managed to release only a few albums, it is widely considered as among the pioneers of Pakistani Pop Music.  It was eventually disbanded in the late 90s.

His stepping stone to national fame

While with Jupiters, he wrote the song “Dosti” and later sang and recorded it while working with another Rock Band Janoon. The song gained critical success and made him famous nationwide.


After the breakup of his first band, he joined Janoon. Initially facing difficulties, the band eventually achieved great success both nationally and internationally. Janoon, for their contribution to music, peace and South East culture, has received numerous awards from many organizations including the BBC and UNESCO.

Film Role

He played the role of Ejaz Khan, a politician in the Pakistani Action Thriller Film, Waar.  He will also be playing a role in the upcoming film Two Two

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