Yoga is an exercise of both the mind and the body. Helping built inner strength and willpower within a person. Yoga originated from India and is an incredibly ancient practice. Today, million around the world practice yoga and benefit from it. On the occasion of international Yoga day taking place all over the world today, we present you with these 10 awesome benefits of practicing yoga.

1) Improves Flexibility: Regularly doing yoga can make your body more flexible and thus, reduce strain in the joints.

2) Improves Strength: Yoga works up your muscles and thus, built up your body strength.

3)  Improves Posture: A bad posture goes a long way in ruining your self-esteem. By doing Yoga, you can improve your posture and look more confident.

4) Protects your Spine:  Doing yoga reduces the strain in your spine. It can reduce the risk of back pain.

5) Better Blood Circulation:  Practicing yoga can improve blood flow in your body, especially to your hands and feet. This allows oxygen to be more efficiently transported around your body, making your body function better.

6) Reduces Blood Pressure: Studies have shown that people suffering from high blood pressure saw improvements after a period of doing Yoga.


7) Makes you Happier:  Regular practice of Yoga is known to reduce depression and release chemicals in the brain responsible for making us feel happy.