Festivals are a way to celebrate one’s culture or religion and are a joyous event for many in the community. However, human beings have a tendency to be weird and this is reflected in the many strange festivals that take place around the world. We list the most bizarre among them.

Monkey Buffet Festival

In the city of Lopburi, Thailand macaque monkeys are revered by the locals as they are thought to bring good fortune and believed to be descendents of a legendary monkey warrior. The festivals are held annually to honor these “good-luck” monkeys featuring more than 2 tons of fruits and treats for them to eat.

Cheese-Rolling Festival

In the town of Gloucester, England people gather in their hundreds to watch individuals try to chase a huge piece of cheese downhill. Most end up losing their balance and hurting themselves.   At the bottom of the hill are stationed paramedics; ready to scoop up any injured participants. If a person manages to cross the finish line, he is award the cheese.

Moose Dropping Festival

Every year in the small town of Talkeetna, Alasaka Moose dropping festival is held to celebrate the state’s official animal, the Moose. The highlight of the event involves volunteers in hot air balloons dropping large qualities of moose poop onto targets below.  We would also like to mention that the town’s mayor is a cat.

Baby Jumping Festival

A tradition dating back centuries in Spain, the Baby jumping Festival involves men dressed as the devil jump over babies born during the previous twelve months. It is said to help cleanse the infants from sins, bring them good fortune and guard them against evil spirits.  We think they are insane.


Another weird festival from Spain, it involves people throwing muddy rags at each other. During this mud frenzy, young men collect fire ants in dirt-filled sacks and return to town to throw the angry ants at people’s faces.

Konaki Sumo

The Japanese are famous for coming up with weird stuff and this festival is no exception.  Each April, sumo wrestlers stand facing each other while holding babies to see which baby will cry first. We are unsure why cultural value this festival holds.

For the sake of discretion, we excluded more obscene festivals. If you found the article entertaining, do share it with your friends on social media.