Sometimes our parents may unintentionally do stuff that end up deeply embarrassing us and this case holds especially true of Desi Parent. In this article we present you with seven things all desi parent do that make us hide our face in shame.

Bragging about us as if we just won the Nobel Prize

Whenever there are relatives or guests sitting in the house , our parents call us over with the phrase, “Beta, idar aao” and then proceed to deeply praise us in front of them while all we can do is stand helplessly and smile, knowing deep inside what devils we actually are.

Being Overly Protective

From accompanies us to the bus stop to calling us every five minutes to asking every inch of detail about where we are going , they are our overly worried  Secret Service that want to make sure we are always safe.  

Being proud of the worthless failure that you are

Being supportive is good but Desi parents go overboard and spare no details which makes us all the more embarrassed about ourselves. “So you graduated with 2.3 GP from Iqra University, I am proud of you Beta!”.

Trying to help you out in Public

Whenever you are stuck with a problem ,your parents will always try to help you out but end up doing something what leaves you completely embarrassed.

Behaving super desi in Public

Licking fingers after a meal in a 5 star restaurant, showing an awkward sense of fashion or even taking part in activities meant for kids. Our desi parents spare no opportunity to make us wish we just disappeared.

Recalling embarrassing memories of your childhood

We all did stupid things when we were young but at least we forget eventually about them. That is, unless our desi parents keep telling them to everyone willing to listen. “kitnay ka backara aya tha? Sho Rupay ka”, says Dad as he recalls your words. 

Choosing your clothes for you

Leave it to our desi parents to pick the lamest clothing for us that will make us look like complete fashion abomination.

Regardless of what embarrassing things they do, they are still our parents and they love us deeply, so in such situations stop whining and bear it like a man (or woman).