men and women

People believe that even after compiling all the books in this world, along with various psychological theories, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND WOMEN!

But trust me, we are not that difficult to understand. In fact, in my point of view, women are more expressive, sensitive, verbal and showy about their needs; while men, on the other hand, are mostly passive and inexpressive. Now, here, I do not mean to say that men are emotionless, but I am trying to make a point that digging things out of them is like looking for a needle in a haystack!
 chuck and blair
They claim that they know the art of keeping their other-halves happy, yet, we come across such statements like: he never notices or compliments me or he doesn’t put in enough efforts. Hence, I came up with a wish-list of 7 things for men which can make her day!

1. Its the small things that truly count!
You don’t have to think of flashy and extravagant stuff in order to cheer her up. Just a single rose, getting her favorite chocolates or even the book she wanted to read since so long, can make her day. Things as little as holding the door for her will make her feel like a princess..your princess!

2. Romance is timeless
As a matter of fact, its ageless too! Just because it’s been a couple of years since you two are together, doesn’t give you the room to not plan romantic dinners, movies or random surprises anymore. The goddess of love is HER, so trust me, she will never get tired of your cheesiness…not even if you are in your 70s!

3. There is no room for lies!
Since kindergarten, we have been listening to this: Honesty is the best policy; and as unrealistic as it may sound, it’s something which needs to be applied for the entire life. You can hide it or lie about it but she will definitely find it out later. So, be a man; stand for your actions and tell her. Nothing will make her respect and trust you more.

4. We can get crappy at times
No, we are not trying to seek attention all the time. We have our days when we keep screwing things up even if we try not to; thanks to our hormones that turn us into little messy monsters. We realize that we get unreasonable and shitty in those times and we need you to be a little more patient and understanding about it. Believe it or not, but we really do try to return these favors in the long run!

5. You don’t need an occasion to surprise us
If you wait for her birthday or anniversary or valentines to make her feel special then I think she is missing a lot in life. In fact, you both are. You don’t need an occasion to make her feel loved, happy or special in that case. Planning little things on random days would make her feel at the top of the world. Trust me, any day would be great to tell her how much she means to you.

6. Sexism is a huge turn-off
Doing some chores around the house wouldn’t make you any less of a man! So, keep no room for stereotypes. You see, it’s really sweet if your significant other comes home after a long, tiring day and finds out that you have already done the dishes or cooked her favorite meal. These are some of the nicest gestures in a relationship.

7. Be a good listener

Women surely are chatty as hell and they want you to listen to every pointless story they share. Just nodding your head or a simple reply with ‘hmm’ is not so satisfying. Make sure you shut down your laptop or turn off your TV and pay attention to her while she talks to you. It may not mean much to you, but it surely means a lot to her!

Guys – This is not at all a feminist post. Just a few tips for a better relationship.

Girls – If you have anything else in mind that you want them to know, comment below!

Contributor:  Fatima Akhlaq