We all know pretty well that mouthwash can do wonders with our breath an killing germs in our mouth, but what we probably weren’t aware of plenty of other uses of mouthwash that will be super helpful for you all. Hard to believe right? Go ahead and try these hacks!

1.Pimple problem? NO problem! Add some mouthwash on a cotton ball and dab on your pimple, next day you won’t even see it!


2.To reduce or get rid of the bruises, apply some mouthwash on it with the help of mouthwash. You’ll see a huge difference.


3.Add a cup of mouthwash in your laundry the next time you wash it, this will kill the germs and wash your washing machine too.


4.To get rid of all the stink in your feet, just add few drops of mouthwash in warm water and soak your feet in it. The results will blow you away!


5.Clean your toothbrush with mouthwash to kill all the germs.


6.Clean the screens of your TV and computer screens with the help of mouthwash and a cloth.


7.Not into expensive specialized dandruff shampoos? After shampooing, try rinsing your hair with a 50/50 mixture of mouthwash and water (1/2 a cup of each will do). You may have to repeat this process a few times to eradicate the dandruff completely. Bonus? Your hair will smell minty fresh.


8.Out of toilet paper cleaner? No problem. Just pour a cup of mouthwash into the toilet, let it sit for half an hour, and give it a swish with the toilet brush.


9.Dab in some mouthwash on a gum that’s been bothering you, it will numb it reduce the pain. Ta-da!

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