Bitter Gourd famously known as Karela in Pakistan is loaded with health benefits that we discussed in our earlier post. But this isn’t all that this vegetable is beneficial for, it can be consumed raw, blended in a juice, cooked in your meals and can even be APPLIED as a beauty mask. YES you read that right! Bitter Gourd is full of beauty benefits that will give you flawless skin. Eat it, juice it, apply it!


Below are 5 ways to apply Bitter Gourd for healthy skin that glows  brighter than the moon:

glowing skin

Bitter Gourd, Tomato and Lime Juice Mask
Juice some bitter gourd and add equal quantities of tomato and lime juice to it. Apply the mixture evenly to freshly cleansed face and neck. Let the mixture sit overnight and wash off with warm water when you wake up. Doing this regularly will help remove pigmentation, marks and spots.

Bitter Gourd and Yogurt Mask
Take bitter gourd juice and mix it with yogurt. Beat an egg yolk and mix well with the juice and yogurt . Apply this mixture evenly to face and neck, leave for about 25-30 minutes and then remove by gently massaging in circular movement. Wash off with warm water. This mask works an excellent anti-aging treatment.

Bitter Gourd and Orange Scrub
This bitter gourd recipe makes an amazing winter scrub. Sundry a few orange peels for a day or two. Then mix them with pieces of seeded bitter gourd. Use a blender to mix and make a thick paste to scrub your face. You can boil the bitter gourd in water and use that solution to wash your face.

Bitter Gourd and Cucumber Mask
This particular bitter gourd recipe is for every season. Blend together pieces of boiled bitter gourd and cucumber. Apply this refreshing homemade face pack and relax for 10 minutes.

Bitter Gourd Turmeric & Neem Face Pack
This age old and traditional recipe for pimples and zits is one of the most effective till date. All you need is bitter gourd, fresh  turmeric and neem leaves for this face pack. Grind them together and make a thick paste. This super bitter face pack is famous for curing all sorts of marks!