Today is Asteroid Day, held to increase public awareness about asteroids and about the measures taken to protect our planet from them.  Explore and increase you knowledge about these celestial objects with our article.

#1 There is an asteroid named Malala

The Asteroid is named after the Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize winner and Education campaigner, Malala Yousafzai.  Dr.Mainzer of NASA, who discovered the asteroid, named it after her to honor the contributing of women to society.

#2 In 2015, a giant asteroid almost hit Earth

Doomsday could have happened in early 2015 when 2014 YB35, a giant asteroid the size of  14 football pitches, was came really close to hitting Earth. Thankfully, it passed by without  causing any trouble.

#3 The largest asteroid has a larger surface area than Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey combined.

Ceres is the largest asteroid in our solar system. It is estimated to have a surface area of 2,770,00 km2   , which is bigger than most of the world’s countries.

#4 Ceres may have its own ocean

Under Ceres icy surface, it is speculated there may be a layer of liquid water within its mantle. it is estimated to hold more amount of fresh Water than Earth.

#5 Scientists have discovered an asteroid that has rings, just like Saturn’s

An asteroid has been discovered with its own set of rings  in the outer realm of our Solar system. Named Chariklo, it is the first non-planetary object with rings.