Everything starts with a humble origin; a lion starts his life as a cub, a mighty tree as a seedling and any distinguished man an ordinary boy.  

Imran khan was born to an affluent Pashtun family in Lahore.  His father was well-educated, having studied at the prestigious Imperial College, and worked as a civil engineer.  His mother came from the influential burki family and was said to be a descendant of the Sufi warrior-poet Pir Roshan. Imran khan grew up with four sisters and as a boy, was said to be shy and quiet

Being the only son in the family, his family gave him a privileged education. He received his childhood education from the elite Aitchison College and later enrolled in Royal Grammar School Worcester where he, not surprisingly, excelled in cricket. He perhaps inherited his talent for cricket from her mother who belonged to a family famous for producing successful cricketers.  However, his initial foray into professional cricket was nothing out of the ordinary and while his stay in England was regarded as only an average medium-pace bowler.

At age 20, he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics, from the world renowned Keble College, Oxford where he continued to get better in cricket and after graduation, cemented his rise to greatness after securing a permanent place in the Pakistani National cricket team.