Contrary to common believe, brushing your teeth after eating a meal will do more harm than good when it comes to oral health. It might actually make your teeth weaker, studies have proven.

Since eating most type of food, especially those loaded with sugar increases the acidity in the mouth, many would think that one should brush his teeth to deduce the acidity. However, it will actually end up damaging your teeth. Eating acidic foods like citrus fruits and soft drinks “soften” the tooth enamel ( The white protective covering of the teeth). Brushing your teeth at this stage ends up scraping away the enamel and weakening your teeth.

The solution


Brushing your teeth before eating meal will not only be healthier but will also help prevent cavities since you get rid of acid causing bacteria from your mouth. Brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride will further benefit you by limiting how acidic your mouth becomes when you eat.  If you want to  lower the acidity in your mouth after eating a meal, chew on  xylitol gum which will also stimulate healthy saliva and reduce bad breath.