Running for a salon trip every now and then can be heavy on your pocket, so the ideal solution to that is have your own spa at home. Have this once a week or twice a month – as you wish. This process will unwind you and we promise that you’ll feel a boost of energy in your entire body. You’re welcome!

Relaxing Bath

Treatment in spa

Start a hot shower in your washroom and be certain to light up some scented candles to create the ambience, plug in your tub and get your cell phone to have some music (we have a preference of some Yanni). This procedure of a nice 15 minute bath will relax you enough to get you going for another week.

DIY Face Masks


Recreate the soothing face masks of the spa by making your own. One that works great is two parts yogurt to one part olive oil, a dollop of raw honey and an egg white or two. Mix up and leave on your face for a half an hour. You’ll feel an instant difference on your skin, a glow and moisturized skin.

Hair Conditioning


Wet your hair, and apply pure coconut oil to it. Massage the scalp with the oil for 15 minutes, and then comb the oil through your hair. Leave on for 15-30 minutes. Then rinse out and wash like normal. You’ll be treated to a tropical scent and moisturized, manageable locks.

Rose Water


There’s nothing like harnessing the best of botanicals to make yourself feel like you’re at the spa. Get a cup of fresh rose petals, steep them in two cups of hot water until cool and then spread the mixture on your face. Rosewater is a wonderful natural toner, and the smell will be divine in your home spa.

DIY Exfoliation Scrubs


For an excellent scrub use one part brown sugar to one part olive oil will and it will have you exfoliating and nourishing skin in no time.

Mani Pedi :


Have yourself a DIY manicure and pedicure which is trouble-free and worth a shot.