We all believe that everyone who comes to this world has to eventually leave one day, every living soul shall taste death and there is absolutely no escape from it! Humans wish to control their life for as long as they can, but there is nothing they can do to control death.

Humans are mortal creatures who intend to embrace life for as long as they live but the fear of death is undeniable. Therefore, they try to control situations and reduce the chances of any unfavourable conditions and mishaps.

Here are some death related superstitions  that people religiously swear by! Whether YOU believe in  them or not, it is impossible to deny that they have scared you at some point in time! They are so commonly believed by the masses that it is enough to add fear and disturb mental peace of  even the toughest people!

Myth No. 1: Birds bring death

Ancient people believe that owls, crows, ravens and many others, are carrier of bad news. It is believed that if a black bird keep coming to the window or door often, it will bring death of a family member.  The most striking myth associated with birds is that the person who hears the first cuckoo of the year while lying in bed is doomed to die.
Precaution: Put a no bird sign all around your house!

Myth No. 2: Corpse with open eyes brings death

The open eyes of deceased are believed to bring death on those who look straight into the eyes.  The eye contact is perceived to be dangerous for the people alive! Its is believed that with direct eye contact the dead will take them along.
Precaution: People close the eyes of the corpse.

Myth No. 3: Spirits are waiting to reside in you

According to popular belief,  graveyards are full of spirits of those who do not want to let go of this world. These souls wait for people to pass by the graveyard and penetrate into them.
Precaution: Hold your breath when passing a graveyard.

Myth No. 4: Rolling thunder might mean you’re going to hell

Rolling thunder at funerals is considered to be a bad omen- signals that the deceased is not going to heaven. However, rain means good heavenly news!
Precaution: Pray for rain!

Myth No. 5: Head East

The position of dead body has an equal impact on both the  deceased and his family. The thumbs of foot are positioned to the East so that the  person can face the sun rise on the day of judgement. The position matters, it plays a vital role; The south side of the cemetery is the place to be, while the north side is reserved for less well-regarded individuals.
Precaution: Keep a check on your north, south, east and west!