Today is World Milk Day, held to highlight and bring awareness to the importance of milk. Drinking milk is beneficial for one’s health we are often told but few may be aware that milk can also make you more attractive. Continue reading to about what benefits drinking milk bestows for your beauty.

Wonderful completion

Milk contains many of the nutrients and vitamins needed to keep the skin smooth, healthy, and supple. However, if you are suffering from acne, it is best to avoid drinking whole milk.

Weight loss

Milk provides many of the nutrients needed by the body and drinking a glass can help reduce craving and thus aid in weight loss.

Shiny hair

Similar for the case of skin, the nutrients in the milk will help promote healthy hair growth and keep them looking shiny.

Start making a habit of drinking milk everyday and benefit from it for both your health and beauty. Share this article with your friends who don’t drink milk. Happy¬†World Milk Day!