Trying to maintain to your figure is crucial and we all know that don’t we? The key is to a happy is life is exercise, and we’ve been hearing that as long as we can remember. But have you ever thought that your brain needs equal amount of exercise as your body does?¬†Having those 30 minute power naps are the best! They energize you so much, and above all they help you have a better concentration level and increase your attention span.

Squeezing these mental workouts in between your busy schedule is obviously not that simple, so here are the few following things you can do to improve your mental abilities.

Spend Time With Intellectual People :

We obviously don’t pick and choose our friends, but we do learn something new from everyone. A clever move would be spending some quality time with people who are intellectual and more knowledge than you do. This will expand your views about the world.

Replace TV With Better Options :

Rather than opting for TV as an alternative for entertainment, read a book. This will improve your imagination, and a plus? It will aid in improving your vocabulary well.

Write :

Who doesn’t love video games? Either open up your laptop or spend some time with PlayStation, playing games will improve your tactical and strategic thinking.

Debate :

Start engaging yourself in debates with people, give your point of views, this will improve your logical thinking and improve your ability to argument. More like you’ll learn how to stand for your opinions.

Drink Water :

Have two glasses of water in the morning, this will increase your pace of working, plus water is always good for the skin!

Watch Movies :

Download those French, Spanish and a variety of movies, watching movies in their original language will obviously advance your mental flexibility and knowledge of languages.

Green tea :

Drinking green tea is going to help your concentration level, you can always have a cup or two at work or even at home. A better option would be replacing tea with green tea.

Take A Walk :

Head out a long walk in fresh air, its obviously excellent for your health, and it also improves your productivity.
Noting down everything in your iPad, notebook, journals or laptops will raise your creativity, jotting down all your thoughts will also help you learning more about yourself.