According to beauty experts  men should opt for a face wash with natural ingredients, use after-shave products according to their  skin-type and start taking care of their facial skin. Yes you read that right! Men need to take care of their skin also, and NO that does not make them feminine or girly. Men have equal right to look clean and gorgeous!

– For daily face cleaning, you must use a face wash with natural ingredients to remove surface impurities to refresh the skin without over-drying and stealing away all the moisture.

– Just like a proper makeup or a cleansing routine for woman, the right shaving routine is a must for every man. Use after-shave products that suit your skin best, since after shaving men’s skin pores get exposed to outside air. If need be, use natural or herbal face washes for cleansing post a shave to make sure you are cleaning the skin naturally.

– Keep your skin moisturized to avoid dryness. Use creams and moisturizers that suit your skin type keeping your face well nourished, healthy and hydrated.

– For many, a facial is still feminine. Most won’t accept getting it done but slowly this definition is evolving. Getting a facial done before a wedding or a festival to look good and feel fresh has become a well-accepted trend in the men’s world too.

And lets just face it, these are just the basics, only the tip of the iceberg. All our favorite male celebrities get beauty treatments done too and that is  exactly how they have half the world drooling over them! *wink wink*