The name Iqrar Ul Hassan has recently grabbed headlines all over the news  following his recent sting operation that exposed the weak security around the Sindh National Assembly. While he has been unfairly jailed by the police following the stunt, many people have expressed their support for him and are demanding his release. Here are five amazing facts about the famous whistle -blower.


He first joined ARY News as a News presenter and later became a journalist.  He started to gain nationwide popularity when he began hosting the show Sar-e-Aam. Today he is considered one of the leading journalists in the country.


He is the host of the reality program Sar-e-Aam that enjoys great popularity among the middle class. The show has helped expose many fraudulent businesses and imposters across the country.

Personal Life


He completed his education from Government College University. He is married to Qurat ul ain Hassan, an anchorperson also working for the ARY news channel. They have a son named Pehlaaj Hassan,

His biggest sting operation


Though he and his team has conducted many daring operations since the inception of the program, perhaps his biggest one involved exposing the illicit practices of Pakistan’s railway officials.  They were caught taking bribes to allow illegal arms and drugs to be transported from Karachi to Lahore. For this, he was taken to the police station but was later released.