Even though farts are a natural thing and a fact of life- it is not considered polite to let them go! You hold them in for hours only to abide by the rules of social conduct! But did you know your manners and social acceptance can cost you your health and life?

let it go

We’ve all heard people say, “Never hold your farts in – they travel up  to your brain and that’s where shitty ideas come from!” We’ll you should not hold them in, but not for this particular reason!

When your body tries to get rid of gas buildup, it’ll either do so via a burp that leaves your mouth or fart that escapes from your rectum. Not giving an exit escape to this gassy problem can cause you much more damage than you can possibly imagine!

Holding a fart  in, however, while polite and good politics, is bad for your health. That’s because the pressure of a flatus must go somewhere. If not expelled, the gas can blow up the intestinal wall, creating pockets called diverticula. When these pockets get infected, a painful and life-threatening condition called diverticulitis can result.

“You pass gas 10 to 20 times a day, often without even realizing it,” says a health expert. “It’s a normal byproduct of your digestion of food.” Sure, while you’re focused on clenching your hips together like it’s the last rep of barre class, you might manage to keep everything inside. But as soon as you get distracted, the floodgates will probably open. “As you’re walking and going about your business, your body will pass the air,” she says.

Holding in a fart and interfering in the works of nature can cause bloating and discomfort around your midsection.