Surviving without makeup seems like the worst thing to do for any of us girls, but its next to impossible to leave the house without wearing any. So instead of all those extra efforts, time and energy with applying makeup, why not give a subtle look? Flaunt that ‘no makeup look?’
So we decided to enlighten you with a look that requires a minimum amount of makeup and yet it will add an oomph to your appearance.
Exfoliate :

Since you will not be wearing too much makeup its vital to have that clear skin that is without any open pores and excess dirt. Pick a scrub that suits your skin and gently scrub away.
Moisturize :

Naturally after some exfoliation you’re required to moisturize your skin, opt for day cream that is ideal for you, smear it gently and make sure not go overboard with it.
Conceal :

This is the most crucial part, you must invest in an excellent concealer to cover all your blemishes, those nasty zits and some uneven skin tone. Apply gently but DON’T go crazy with it, as that can give you a greasy look.
Bronze :

Just lightly dust on a little powder all over, focusing a bit more on the crown of your forehead and nose. This will give you that natural look that you’re looking for, and its perfect for day time.
Lashes :

Instead of wearing eye pencil or Kaajal under your eyes, opt for a mascara. This will your lashes some extra volume and yet a great amount of definition. Focusing on lashes really adds a little bit extra to your face.
Blush :

Pink or peach blushes are perfect for a day time routine, just apply them on your cheeks and your cheek bones, be careful and not go gaga with it. You can use cream blushes, powdered or DIY too.
Lipstick :

Replace your dark reds, rubies and browns with nude shades of lipstick This will give a very fresh look and besides looking gorgeous you’ll feel like a compete diva!
This entire natural look is all you need to for a day time lunch, work or even when you’re heading out to pick your children up from school. A perfect no makeup look!