Weight gain is the storage of extra fat in the body. This fat can seriously affect the body, especially important organs like the heart, kidney, liver and joints. Exercising and dieting go hand in hand for a healthy life.

Try this simple, full of health and metabolism boosting  juice that can be made in 5 minutes to burn 5 kilos of fat in just 5 days:


•    60 grams Coriander (chopped)
•    1 lemon
•    4 cups of water

Squeeze the lemon in a glass jug and add coriander and water. Mix!

For best results drink this juice on an empty stomach every morning for 5 days straight to promote instant weight loss.  Coriander helps in digestion and has immunity boosting properties. It is also a natural blood tonic and purifier. On the other hand, lemon purifies the blood, controls high blood pressure and reduces the effect of nausea and dizziness. It also reduces the production of free radicals which are responsible for aging skin and skin damage.

This drink is best for both health AND beauty!