marks and spencer cover

Looks like everyone wants to create a niche this season and  Muslim-wear seems to be everyone current focus. From Muslim Abayas seen flaunted on the ramp to  Marks and Spencers line of ‘Burkinis’ for Muslim women, fashion designers have it all covered!

Marks and Spencers released a  full-length swimwear which was designed keeping the modesty of Muslim women in mind! The Burkini comes in two unique designs.

The Burkini covers the whole body except the face, hands and feet, it is lightweight and helps you swim comfortably.


Thanks to this cool new design, Muslim women can freely swim without worrying who glares or stares! Burkini over Bikini, now you can swim the modest way!


Although the target audience is Muslim women, the Burkini has proven to be a hit with women worried about the damage that exposure to the sun could do to the skin.

Isn’t this the best way to keep it covered and enjoy a good swim?