Today, April 15, is World Art Day where works of fine arts are celebrated and awareness of creative activity is promoted worldwide. Throughout history Art has been used as a powerful means of expression as it utilizes imagination to invoke deep emotions. It comes with no surprise therefore that to spread awareness about the Syrian crisis, various individuals took to the canvas to capture the world’s attention.

Steve Job as Refugee 


Drawn by Street artist Banksy, the graffiti depicts Steve jobs, whose biological father was a Syrian immigrant, as a refugee.  It aimed to counter the negative sentiments about refugees and also highlight the plight of migrants stuck in the infamous “jungle” camp in Calais, Northern France.

The Eye


This painting reflects upon the devastation in Syrian caused by the war and the pain it has caused. The Physics student, Omar Khalaf, is himself a refugee who after being displaced by the war, turned to painting in order to help spread awareness about the destruction caused by the Syrian Civil War.



Bansky joined hands with another esteemed artist to create this powerful piece of work. #WithSyria aimed to gather the attention of people from around the world to the conflict and the violence that has claimed the lives of so many innocents.

Looks Asleep


Following the heartbreaking image of a drowned Syrian boy washed up on the beach of turkey going viral around the world, numerous artists and cartoonists used his little form in their works as a powerful means of call to action and put pressure on countries such as Britain to do more to help refugees fleeing from war.

The Syrian crisis is widely considered to be the worst humanitarian issue of our time with more than half the country’s population displaced and thousand killed. The least one can do is spread awareness about the issue. Share this article with your friends on social media and help spread awareness.