With the wedding season on, bridal fashion and trends are at their peak!  And to say the least, the “Desi Shaadi” is nothing without fancy costumes and jewelry.

Nose rings and earrings are a MUST! Without these two, the bridal look is considered incomplete. Hence the need to get piercings done arises if the girl hasn’t gotten it already.

Bollywood bride

Piercing requires a great deal of aftercare to stay safe from infections and unnecessary hassle.

Below is a list of 10 ways to prevent complications after getting a piercing done:

  • Clean the pierced area and the area around it regularly.
  • Use antibacterial products to clean the pierced area to safeguard it from unwanted infections.
  • Do not use any rough material for cleaning. Instead, use soft fabric such as face towel, tissue paper, 100% cotton cloth etc
  • Avoid touching unnecessarily.
  • Do not play with the piercing.
  • Use Lavender oil on the pierced area, it will help reduce the pain and redness. It will give a soothing effect and will also hasten the drying process.
  • Use supplements rich in Vitamin B and zinc, it will help heal the pain and act as an effective treatment.
  • Gentle heat application on the pierced area will also help reduce the pain.
  •  Use turmeric, it has antibacterial properties
  • Be extra careful.

Precaution and prevention is better than cure. Keep these tricks in mind and have a Happy Piercing!