Women planning to conceive have been warned that eating too many potatoes increases the risk of diabetes during pregnancy.


A recent research suggests that the more potatoes in a woman’s typical diet, the more likely she is to develop gestational diabetes, a serious complication of pregnancy.

They discovered that women who ate one serving per week were 20 per cent more likely to develop the condition, two to four portions raised the risk by 27 per cent, while five or more portions saw the chance of a diabetes diagnosis rise by 50 per cent.

However women who substituted two servings of potatoes for other vegetables like peas, beans or lentils, over a week, were up to 12 per cent less likely to develop the condition.


There are lot of foods that pregnant women need to be careful and cautious  about. They need to be eating nutritious foods and vegetables. Moderation and balance is the key to health. Too much of anything can be bad!