A pregnant woman’s only wish and prayer is to have a normal healthy delivery without any complications. However, one must always  be aware of the danger signs and signals during pregnancy so as to notify the doctor or midwife ASAP.

Pregnancy brings a 360 degrees change to a woman’s life. There are a whole load of body changes that women undergo while they are pregnant but at the same time there are some danger signs that should not be overlooked or ignored at any cost.

Vaginal Bleeding
Vaginal bleeding is normal during the early stages of pregnancy but if the bleeding is bright red with clots, then that is something to worry about! This kind of bleeding comes with cramps and intense pain in the uterus area. This is a condition where the placenta is pulling away from the walls of the uterus and hence the fetus is deprived of its oxygen supply. Get in touch with a doctor immediately!!

Frequent And Painful Urination
Finding the need to urinate again and again is normal too, but it should not be accompanied by pain or burning! the pain could mean a  urinary tract infection. Ignoring this pain could lead to premature labor which can also affect the  baby’s mental growth and development.

High Blood Pressure
Always keep a check on your blood pressure! A constant high could be consulted and reported to the doctor without unnecessary  delay.

Persistent Fatigue And Tiredness
You are carrying a baby inside you, a new life! It is normal to feel the weight and pressure, but persistent fatigue and tiredness is not something to be taken lightly either! If you find yourself looking faint and pale, you can conclude that you might be anemic. For this you need to consult your doctor who will provide you with folic acid and iron supplements.

Fetal Movements
If you are in your second trimester then you need to constantly monitor and study your fetal movements. If you notice a drop in the fetal movements then it indicates that your baby is under stress or it is not able to freely move in the womb. This calls for a doctor’s visit at once!