According to research if scents are smelled right, they can be the cause of your health. Aromatherapy is the practice to enhance psychological and physical well being. Have a look at these scents that can benefit you in several way.

Lavender : Sniffing on lavender can help you relax, can calm your nerves and also help you sleep. Best thing for insomniacs, right?


Peppermint : According to research, breathing in peppermint can decrease your stress level. It also decreases your fatigues and chocolate cravings.


Orange : Sniffing into an orange smell can help you decrease your anxiety, so next time you have your exam take along an Orange please!


Jasmine : Breathing in lavender will help control depression. Add some jasmine oil to your bath and we promise it’ll make you super energetic, and you’ll be less lethargic.

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Cinnamon : Smelling cinnamon can help you focus more, Naprosyn price increasing your brain power – plus the smell is super nice!


Rose : If you would want some sweet dreams, make sure you keep roses next to your bed. It can create happy emotions and be the reason to your good night sleep.