April 27 marks the birthday of Shaan Shahid. The legendary actor  is a complete institution in himself and it’s only fair to call him the backbone of Pakistani Cinema. Shaan is one of the biggest assets the industry has, yet the camera fails to capture his complete charm. to mark the occasion of his birthday we present you with these great facts about the amazing Shaan Shahid.

1. His birth name is NOT Shaan Shahid.
He was born on April 27, 1971 in Lahore, Pakistan as Armaghan Shahid Khan.


2. Filmy Family Background
Shaan was born in Lahore to director Riaz Shahid and television, theatre and film actress Neelo. His father was a Punjabi Muslim whereas his mother was Punjabi Christian. His paternal uncle Fiaz Shahid was a cameraman and producer for PTV in Islamabad

3. He is ACTUALLY educated!
He started out his early education at Aitchison College. His first acting venture came out at the Boy scout bonfire at Aitchison under the guidance of remarkable teachers Mrs. Abid and Mrs. Bukhari. Won the best actor award in a play called “Alif Noon” playing a comedy character but never took acting seriously as a career.

4. Lawyer first, Actor later
After leaving Aitchison, he left for New York and joined New Town High School. Dreaming of becoming a Lawyer due to his extraordinary talent of convincing people, he always thought he had a talent to become a Lawyer.

5. Pakistan was only a vacation point.
Stayed in New York for 7 years and returned to Pakistan for vacation and was asked to take up the family business, Riaz Shahid Films.
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6. Forced to do Films
At the age of 17, he had to do his first film due to the family pressure, his debut film “Bulandi” was released in 1990 & was a huge success


7. Became the Face of Pakistan 
Is a Pakistani actor, writer, model, and film director. With two decades in Pakistani cinema and around 500 films to his credit – many of them commercially successful.


8. Loving Daddy and Husband 
He is married to Amina Shahid and has 4 daughters. Their names are Bahisht-i-Bareen Shaan Shahid, Fatima, Raanay and Shah Bano. The man does not mix the  private and with the professional.


9. Waar stories
The man has been at war with everyone who chooses anything else over Pakistan, a true patriot! Urwa Hoccane and Saif Ali khan were his hottest and latest targets at the time!
While his box office waar won big itself! the undefeated KING!

10. Bollywood and Shaan
The Pakistani Pride has turned down all Bollywood offers, including GHAJNI!
Shaan made news when it was heard that he is  will be remaking Mahesh Butt’s Arth of 1972. According to Shaan, he just loves the movie but said the remake would be different from the original Bollywood  movie, he had already casted Humaima Malik for the movie.




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