We grew up hearing theories that cold water will help tighten skin, reduce swelling and prevent or reduce wrinkles? Or that washing your face with hot water can help open and unclog pores making deep cleansing more effective? Whats better or worse has always been a mystery and these theories have left us confused and lost!

Well, washing your face requires temperature control. Not too cold, not too warm, try to find a happy medium for your skin! Lukewarm works best for all skin types.

Bringing your skin into contact with water that is too hot or too cold may cause aggravation, redness or outbreaks. Your skin is not  designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Hot water can do more damage to your skin than you think, and the theory that hot water opens your pores in only a myth. Exposing your skin to excessively hot water can steal the natural oil, leaving your skin feeling tight and dry. However a cold water rise post cleansing can be used in your favor as it promotes blood circulation to brighten your complexion.

Never wash with steaming hot water! Once you’ve splashed your face with cold water, opt for a lukewarm water and remember to leave the skin a little damp before lathering on some hydrating body and face moisturiser.