Stress is the most common problem that almost all us of go through, whether due to work, health or occasionally our family. So let’s gander over the various kinds of stress, their possible causes and solutions.

Headaches :


Too much stress can cause you to suffer from headaches, so in order to overcome that, start giving sometime to yourself. Spare about 15 minutes for yourself everyday and think about nothing. You can go for a walk or just sip a tea out in your garden. The process will ease your mind.

Neck Aches :

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Resentment leads to neck problems, the fact that you were unable to let off someone or if a certain someone isn’t forgiving you –  will become the origin of constant neck aches. Be easy on yourself and change your attitude towards others. This will help a lot and reduce your stress to maximum.

Shoulder Aches :


Shoulder pain is caused by emotional burdens and constant pressure. Perhaps someone really puts pressure on you. Or maybe you can’t make an important decision and start carrying this heavy burden. The solution to that is – start venting! Once you begin to share all your crisis to your loved ones, things will be easier and you’ll feel light weighted.

Upper Back Pain :


Lack of emotional can manifest itself in upper back pain, also when you feel unwanted that stress causes an upper back aches. The solution to that is – become an extrovert. don’t hold back when comes to sharing, socializing, or even showing affection to new people.

Lower Back Pain :

An old woman with gray hair that is tied in a bun, wearing a green sweatshirt, long brown skirt and shoes, frowns and leans back her head in pain, as she lets go of her stainless walker to hold on to her buttocks, legs shaking slightly

If we have any financial worries, they will cause to be a lower back pain. Maybe we’re secretly obsessed with the idea of living a rich life, or maybe the people around us make us worry about money all the time. But you have to trust us when we say money is not as important as your passion for something. Do what love best! Whether its painting, singing, or even cooking. Money will come to you itself.

Knee Pains :


A big ego is probably the cause of knee pain. Our knees may hurt when we think about ourselves too much and don’t care about others at all. And also when we’re absolutely sure the world revolves only around us. Befriend with people and be kind.

The conclusion is uncomplicated : love yourself and forgive yourself. Be thoughtful of others, and try not to hold a grudge against other people. Communicate more, smile (because a smile looks so good on you), and stay healthy!