We are well aware of the fact that we  should wash our face at night and remove any makeup before going to bed. But do you really know the importance of your nighttime routine and how it  can affect your skin?

Your skin goes through a renewal process at night. Thus, caring for it before you go off to sleep is extremely important . Not only does it help your skin look young, but it also makes it soft, supple and healthy.

Face wash with salicylic acid

Wash your face with a face wash that contains salicylic acid. It safeguards your skin and keeps it smooth and free from acne and blemishes.

Use a mild scrub

Scrubbing your face on a regular basis is very important, but make sure you use a mild scrub at night to remove the dead skin cells from your skin.

Apply moisturizing cleansing milk

The application of moisturizing cleansing milk before bedtime hydrates your skin for the night and allows your skin to breathe. The use of a cleansing milk works great to remove any makeup residue that a face wash alone can not get rid of.

Toner for smooth skin

We often forget the importance of a toner. After you’ve applied the cleansing milk, complete the ritual by applying a toner that suits your skin type.A toner balances the pH of your skin and preps it for moisturizing.

Use a hydrating moisturizer

Lastly, apply a hydrating moisturizer which has aloe vera, before you go off to bed at night.When you wash your face, you wash away essential oils and moisturizing your skin helps replenish it.

Get a goodnight sleep

Getting a good night sleep is the key to beauty.