Divya enjoying rain

For most people, rainy days mean staying indoors and canceling any plans of going outside. Others, however, take the opportunity to head outside and enjoy it to the fullest.  The American poet Henry W. longfellow famously said, “Into each life some rain must fall.” and he was right, for experiencing rain doesn’t hurt and may even be good for you.  Here are some awesome benefits of walking in rain.

Relieves Depression

Walking in rain can relieve depression as it clears your mind of all the worries inside your head. The smell, the sound and the feel of rain is all very soothing and helps divert attention from negativity.

Brings out your creativity


When it rains, the streets are empty and all the day’s activities are closed down. It allows you to see things through a different perspective as it brings you out of your normal daily routine. With your mind clear, it gives space for creativity to flourish and our thoughts to run wild.

It’s relaxing  

Walking in rain can help you relax. The sound of rain is very comforting. The cool breeze and rain drops further adds to the effect. It helps cool our heads and divert our minds from stress.

Walking in rain can be mentally stimulating and if you allow, enjoyable. Therefore, the next time it rains, put away your sad hat and actually enjoy the moment while it lasts.