From covering healthcare cost to car repairs, insurance allows people to better manage risk. While insurance claims allow people to minimize damages done, some people don’t hesitate in abusing these privileges. The list covers the five most outrageous insurance claims ever made, most of which were made, not surprisingly, in the US.

Waiter, I have a mouse in my soup!

A woman in the state of Virginia filed an insurance claim against a restaurant on the pretext that she found a mouse in her soup. Investigation later discovered that the mouse was not cooked in with the soup and was intentionally thrown in it by the woman. Currently the woman is in jail on charges for attempted extortion.

I need money, better burn the house down with my old mother inside it!

A man by the name of Marc Thompson (not to be confused with the voice actor of the same name) decided to burn down his own house while his mother was still inside in order to claim $730,000 in damages. Fortunately justice quickly caught up with him and now he is serving a prison sentence of 190 years.

The cows licked my paint off!

A car insurance claim was filed by a couple while they were on vacation in southern France stating that their car paint was licked off by a herd of cows. Thankfully they stopped short of suing the poor cattle owner.

Oh deer!

An insurance claim was made by a man in Virginia for car repairs after, according to his statement, an angry dear head butted his windshield while he was n his way to work . due to the  lack of evidence, his damages were not covered.

This is not a drill…


A group of trainees filed an insurance claim for the “mental pain” they suffered after they got stuck in an elevator with their safety instructor. While they got first hand experience of a situation they were being trained for, they certainly didn’t feel that way. Surprisingly the insurance companies agreed to pay for their supposed “suffering”.