Longer and thicker eyelashes add to the beauty of one’s eyes. The longer they are the more beautiful your eyes look. Though there is always an option to add fake eyelashes, natural have their own beauty.

The loosing of eyelashes is a big issue of concern. The reasons are many and vary from person to person. Use of bad quality cosmetics, thyroid, alopecia and unhealthy diet are some of the common causes of eyelash fall out. The secret is not to panic and start taking care of them.

Here are a few eyelash care tips:

– Use castor oil or olive oil before going to bed.

– Do not rub your eyes.

– Maintain a healthy diet and ensure that your diet has enough vitamin E, C, magnesium, carotene and zinc.

– Wash your face, cleanse and remove all your eye make-up before going to bed

Р Drink plenty of water every day and try your best to stay hydrated.