tahir shah

Guess who’s back, back again!  Taher’s back, but you do not really have to tell anyone since everyone already knows! He’s all over the internet flooding each and every persons timeline! Does the return of his ‘gorgeous spectrum eyes’ give you ’emotional happy eyes’?


His debut song raked in quite a reaction, while some applauded him for his courage, he was ridiculed and mocked by others. But looks like there’s no such thing as bad publicity after all, Taher Shah got the attention he was aiming for! Do you know that his mesmerizing song has a page on Wikipedia? And remember the time  when his ‘Eye to Eye’ single crossed the border?


After his debut hit Eye To Eye, the Pakistani singing sensation, Taher Shah has returned  with a new song ‘ANGEL’. He’s back with an even more mindless audio and visual this time but with over 44,000 followers on Twitter, there is no denying the popularity of this man! 

You wouldn’t want to miss this! ( or maybe you would!) Scroll below and let this ‘mankind’s angel’ bless you (with hearing and mental issues)! 



And in case you still  think Taher Shah is not an asset for Pakistan, it’s time to think again!