We are all well aware about how physical workout can help you get in shape and how it improves your overall health but its benefits extend over to one’s mental state as well. Here are among the main benefits of exercising for the brain.

Reduces Stress

Regular exercise can help you better manage stress. It also helps release chemicals in your brain that helps moderate its response to stress.

Boosts Happiness

Exercising releases endorphins, which are responsible for causing the feeling of happiness and help alleviate the symptoms of stress. Just an half an hour of light exercise can have a remarkable impact on your overall mood.

Prevents Cognitive Decline

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Aging deteriorate our brain functions. Regular exercise can prevent the degeneration of the brain and slows down the decline in learning and memory.

Makes You Smarter

Numerous studies have proven that cardiovascular exercises like running and cycling have a positive impact on the brain; creating new brain cells and improving its overall performance when it comes to decision making and higher thinking.

Improves Memory

Since exercise encourages the production of brain cells, it can play an important factor in a child’s brain development and can boost memory, even among adults.

Boosts Creativity

Exercise improves blood circulation to our brain, making it function more efficiently and helps people tap into their creativity more effectively.

Remember, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy so  start being smart and get off   your computer screen and start exercising.