Most of us would think twice before ordering something  off the menu costing over a $100 but the most expensive food items do not cost in hundreds , they cost in thousands . Reserved only for the Super rich, here are the world’s most expensive food items.


5.Beluga Caviar ($10,000)


The rarity and time it takes to produce it has made it one of the most expensive  food item. The endangered status of the Beluga Sturgeon from which it is harvested has raisin the prices even higher. A  tin will cost you between $7000 and $10000.

4.Yubari King Melons ($22,872)

One of the rarest and most coveted fruits in the world, they are prized for their sweetness. In 2008, a specimen was bought by a wealthy businessman for nearly $23000.

3.The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ($25,000)

food 4

This ice-cream dessert is decorated with edible gold, served in a goblet lined with gold and eaten with a spoon made of gold. Show off how big of a tasteless rich douche bag you are by ordering one for only $25,000.

2.Almas Caviar ($34,160)

food 2

A type of extremely rare Caviar that is only produced in Iran and sold in only one store in London.  This pearly white variety is sold in tins made of 24 karat gold and supposedly only eaten with golden spoon. You can get yourself one too if you sell both your kidneys (unless you are  super rich).


1.Italian White Alba Truffle ($330,000)

food 5

Due to the difficulty in cultivating truffles, they are often expensive but the White Alba variety’s price is simply outrageous . In 2007,a specimen  was sold off in an auction to a Chinese Casino Owner for $330,000. Why spend your money on things like charity or public  work when you can spend it on a piece of Fungus!