world food day
World Food Day is a day of action against hunger. On October 16, people all around the globe come together to spread awareness and show their concern to eliminate hunger in their lifetime. Because lets face it, when it comes to hunger, the only fair number in the world is zero.

World Food Day acknowledges the creation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on October 16, 1945 in Quebec, Canada. First established in 1979, World Food Day has since then been observed in almost every country by millions of people.

Like in other parts of the world, the 35th World Food  Day is being celebrated in Pakistan today, to create awareness on the issue of hunger and help develop strategies to fight hunger and  ensure food security.

This year, the theme of the World Food Day is “Social Protection and Agriculture:Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty,” which aims to sensitize the people about wiping out rural poverty and guarantee food protection for all. Feed the world, make it a better place!

The tragedy of Thar goes beyond hunger but with the help of such movements and awareness programs Pakistan might be able to minimize if not eliminate death caused by hunger.

The World Food Day would provide a unique opportunity to send a strong message to young people-the Zero Hunger Generation-on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to engage them in the challenge of sustainably eradicating hunger and poverty over the next 15 years, FAO said.