Chicken Kabab Recipe

By ARY ZAUQ    ,

January 23, 2015


1 kilo boneless Chicken 1 large onion finely chopped 3 Green chillies finely chopped a little fresh Coriander also finely cut 2 slIces of Bread soaked in Milk and squeezed so no Milk remains. Salt according to taste red Chilli powder half a tsp.


1Take the boneless chicken and put it in a chopper and mince it. keep in mind that when you wash the chicken drain all the water. Add all the ingredients and mix thouroughly. Fry a little in oil to see if the salt is according to taste. Now make long Kababs or however you like your kababs to be. Then keep it in the fridge or out at room temp for atleast half an hr before frying. Then fry them in a little oil. dont deep fry. Chicken cooks more quickly than beef or lamb so the frying will be quick and easy. Serve or wrap in a pita bread with lettuce tomatoes n onions.



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