Dahi Baray Recipe

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June 18, 2015


Uradh daal powder (one cup)

Yogurt (250 gm)

Baking powder

Salt (as per taste)

Whole dry long red chilies (2 to 3) or crushed red chili flakes (one tablespoonful)

Cumin seeds (two table spoonful)

Chopped green chilies (one tablespoon)

Coriander seeds (one tablespoon)

Chopped coriander leaves (two tablespoon)

Oil (for deep fry)

Water (for daal powder mixture)


1Mix dal powder with salt, half table spoons cumin seeds, bakind powder and water, make thick batter with whisk and rest it for 10 to 20 minutes.

2On a hot platter (tawa) roast coriander, cumin and dry red chilies lightly, and then grind them in rough powder form.

3Fry dal mixture in oil, make bare with help of tablespoon, and fry golden, let it cool down on room temperature (its important for equal softness of bare)

4Soak bare in water for one minutes, then remove water and squeeze them lightly.

5Beat yogurt and mix one half cup water (i usually add one cup for good results) mix salt in yogurt and beat again.

6Spread bare in a wide plate and pour beaten yogurt on them.

7Decorate with chopped green chilies, coriander and powdered spices as this picture.

8It a healthy and low cal recipe for iftar, and tasty too



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