Yakhni Plao

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June 8, 2015


Beef, chicken, mutton (500 g)

Basmati Rice (500g) almost two cup

Oil (half cup)

Sliced onions (four medium)

Whole garlic (one)

Whole onion (one)

Ginger and garlic paste (two tablespoons)

Black cardamom (two)

Green cardamom (two to three)

Chopped green chillies (four to five)

Bay leaves (two to three)

Whole black pepper (10 to 12)

Cumin seeds (one tablespoon)

Crushed coriander seeds (one tablespoon)

Cinnamon (one stick)

Cloves (five)

Fresh mint leaves (12)

Salt (as per taste)

For chicken plao [please keep in mind that process of beef and mutton will be different with chicken, cause chicken becomes smelly in yakhni so if you are making with chicken then please fry chicken with ginger garlic paste after frying onions chicken meat (dont make chicken yakhni) ]


1Boil beef or mutton in water and add one whole onion, one whole garlic, crushed coriander seeds and salt, cook until meat become tender.

2Eat oil and fry half amount of sliced onions till golden brown then remove them from oil and spread in wide plate.

3Add remaining sliced onions in same oil and fry (dont make completely golden) now add cumin seeds, bay leaves, black pepper, cinnamon stick, green and black cardamom, cloves and lightly fry them. if you are making chicken plao then add chicken on this stage)

4Soak rice in water for 30 minutes or (given time on packet)

5Separate yakhni and meat and keep water for use.

6Add ginger garlic paste, green chillies and fry for one minute, and now add meat and cook for two minutes (you can add two to three chopped tomatoes on this stage if you like)

7Add yakni and water (yakhni and water mixture should be three and half cup) and boil once, now add soaked rice and cook on high flame for one to two minutes (depend on boil).

8Now check salt and stir once, cover your pan and simmer on slow heat for 15 to 20 minutes or until water completely dry.

9Stir rice once lightly upside down and spread fried onions and mint on top and cover tightly, cook for one minutes on slow heat.

10Serve with raita (chopped cucumbers, fresh coriander, cumin seeds powder and salt mixed in yogurt) and with salad.



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