Eid and Fitness: Do’s And Dont’s

Wow! What a Cow,
Look at his long horns and the Hunch! It must be from the Sibbi!
It’s one of its kind.
Guess what the occasion is?
Yeah! Right,

It’s EID-ul-AZHA, commonly known as BARI EID. Its is one of the most popular Islamic festive occasions celebrated around the globe in which a ritual of sacrificing an animal is performed according to the Sunnah of Prophet IBRAHIM. As, obvious, it is quite a meaty affair. People usually indulge themselves in different B.B.Q, Tikka Parties and other meat delicacies. But too much meat consumption will result into different immediate and delayed medical conditions affecting the overall health.

Here are some simple tips to enjoy the true essence of Eid without any cramps, bulkiness and etc


1. Always wash the meat thoroughly removing all the blood and dirt from the surface as any remaining blood provides the media for the germs to increase in number leading to various gastric infections

2. Indulge yourself in a bowl of greens and yellows. They are loaded with healthy goodness and provides the necessary fiber which the meat and meat products are lacking.

3. Always insist on cooking the lean portion of the meat removing all the excessive fat. Try to cook it with vegetables or lentils to strike the right balance.

4. Steamed or Roasted meat is of much nutritive value than the fried one.

5. Do limit the Invitations of the parties, do not over eat.

6. Make a habit of taking Green Tea\Lemon Juice after the meaty affair instead of fizzy drinks. They will increase the metabolism removing the harmful by products off the body.


1. Don’t give up your exercise routine as will keep up the moral up against not eating too much.

2. Don’t excuse yourself by overeating and sleeping the rest of the day as it will move the pointer ahead on the weight scale.

3. Don’t be impressed by the various tempting deals offered by the shops to have the mutton legs roast, or masalay dar chops from them this eid. Do it yourself instead.

4. Don’t let the meat lying out for too long in this hot and dusty weather.

5. Go easy on the spices, they put on a great load on the stomach resulting in complaints like Acidity and Bloating.

6. Don’t stack up the freezer with tons of meat to be kept for months as the quality of the meat greatly alters as the temperature fluctuates due to power failures.

7. Avoid eating out at the restaurants as we all have the idea of the donkey business going on here.

Although a lot of meaty affair is going on but still the best part of it is a wide portion of meat is distributed among the less privileged, remembering them and sharing the bounties and festivities of EID.


Eat Healthy Stay Healthy 🙂


Contributed by Myda Tahir