Cricket Role Models on the Field and Fashion Models on the Ramp

Is there anything these boys can not do?
Cricket is a great game as it provides a great deal of entertainment to the lovers of this sport. In case the cricketers fail to amuse you on the field, they can always resort to their glamorous  dream to entertain you on the ramp.
Here is a list of the top 5 Pakistani cricketers  who have tried their luck in the field of fashion;

Wasim Akram
There is no doubt that Wasim Akram has been the ideal, or maybe idol, of all the left-arm pacers in the world for the last three decades. This cricket giant and wowed the world with his skill and knowledge of the game, but this is not all! Wasim Akram tried his luck in fashion and won big on the ramp too. A showstopper and brand image for designers and advertisers year after year, looks like there’s no stopping him!


Shahid Afridi
Boom Boom Afridi does not only boom on the cricket field but also BOOMS with his charm on our TV screens and billboards! Afridi is doing the most number of ads and the income from commercials is probably paying him better than the sport ever did.


Shoaib Malik
Former captain and famous for marrying the talented tennis player Sania Mirza from across the border, Shoaib Malik has gained a lot of media popularity . The man has been a prominent face in fashion and brand imaging.


Younis Khan
One of Pakistan’s modern batting greats, Younis Khan is the kind of man who responds best in adversity. He is also one of the most successful fielders for Pakistan, and can bowl respectable slow-medium. As a captain, Younis has enjoyed success in leading Pakistan to the world Twenty20 title in 2009. He man has ALSO walked the ramp and graced the world of fashion with his magnificent personality


Umer Gul
One of the BEST we have on the field, his balling tricks are a ball to see! Umer Gul has also tired his luck in fashion and media, another famous cricket face for brands.