Selfie trend: ‘Fish gape’ is the new ‘duck face’

The ‘fish gape’ is the new ‘duck face’ when it comes to selfie trends.

From one animal to another, we can not stop being inspired by animals, can we? While both animal-like facial expressions are well-known, the fish gape has been becoming more popular on the social media lately.

The fish gape consists of slightly parted lips, sometimes displaying a bit of teeth. The look is an evident portrayal of its name, as the pose imitates animals underwater as they gape for air – a very subtle pout. The face is meant to look seductive, with a relaxed jaw, tilted down chin, sucked in cheeks, tucked tongue and dimmed, narrowed eyes. All you have to do is look like you saw the most tempting thing on the planet!


The celebrities are already a fan of this brand new trend and can be seen sporting the fish face everywhere!

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